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I visited Bangalore with my family about 3 weeks back and used the opportunity to visit Sri Pancha Lingaeshwara Temple or Naganatheshwara Temple at Begur, which is about 25 Kms from MG Road. This small hamlet is off Bomanahalli on Hosur Road.  This temple is believed to be 1300 years old and has been built by Sri Kulatunga Raja the First of Chola Dynasty, and Sri Rajasimhanandi of Talakad Ganga Dynasty.

Nageshwara Swamy is the Presiding Deity of this temple and His consort is Parvati.  Nageshwara Lingam is the most important and the oldest amongst the five lingams in this temple.  A unique feature of this temple is that there is an idol of Suryan facing the Nageshwara Lingam ie facing west.  There are idols of Vinayakar, Chamundeswari, Kala Bhairavar, Vishnu, Chandran and Kasi Vishwanathar.  There are carvings of Ashta Dhika Palakas.

An interesting fact about this temple is that there are specific spots where the devotees need to stand and pray to derive the maximum benefit.  While praying to Nagalingeshwara or Nageshwara Swamy, stand right below the colourful Yantra painted on the ceiling.  Praying to Nageshwara Swamy is said to relieve mental stress, mental depression, diseases, protection from black magic & enemies.

Choleshwara Lingam is a 4 ft tall Lingam and there is a 2 ft Nandi opposite to this Lingam.  Unmarried girls pray here, standing below the carving of Ashta Palakas and Uma Maheshwari for removal or obstacles in their marriage and for a good matrimonial alliance.

Kali Kamateshwara is about 3 ½ ft tall.  The idol of Kali is behind a small Lingam is about 1 ft tall.  Devotees stand below the lotus carving on the ceiling to pray for Progeny, favourable & early settlement of legal disputes, good health and protection from enemies.

It is noticeable that the Nandhi is not placed directly opposite to this Lingam.  The reason attributed is that it is not auspicious to face the angry form of Shakthi directly.

Nagareshwara Lingam is a huge 5 ft Lingam and is the tallest of the Lingams in this temple.  The nandi is also tall at 4 ft.  Like at Nageshwara Shrine, there is Nandhi opposite to the Lingam and there is an idol of Suryan behind the Nandi facing the Lingam.  The idol of Suryan is again facing west.  Worship benefits at Nagareshwara Swamy’s shrine include; good Business prospects, career advancement, prevention and cure of skin diseases.

Kalinga a serpent God is believed to be residing inside this temple and blessing the devotees.  Saptha rishis and the Ashta Dhika Palakas are supposed to perform poojas here every night.

Karaneshwara Lingam is the last and smallest of the Lingams in this temple at 2 ½ ft.  There is also a small Nandhi in front of this Lingam.  Stand on the right hand side of the shrine as you face the shrine and pray for relief from stomach and intestine related ailments, stand on the left hand side of the Shrine for relief from paralysis, nervous problem and brain disorders; stand right behind the Nandi and pray for relief from hearing and other ear related problems.

There is a separate shrine for Parvati.  The Goddess’s idol is about 5 ft tall.  Praying to the Goddess cures one of blood related diseases including blood cancer, apart from being blessed with peace and happiness.  The Navagrahas are present near the shrine of Parvati.

The Vinayakar at the entrance is indeed very rare.  Two handed Vinayakar is found only in two other places viz Pillayarpatti near Karaikudi and in Afghanistan.  While at Pillayarpatti His trunk is turned to the right and is known as Valampuri, here His trunk is turned to the left and is known as Edampuri.  You can experience a unique vibration if you place your forehead right at the feet of this Vinayakar.



This temple is near Bommanahalli off Hosur Road about 25 Kms away from MG Road.

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